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The Memoirs of General P. H. Sheridan
The Memoirs of General P.H. Sheridan
By Philip Henry Sheridan
$17.99 paperback

His name graces forts, military vehicles, ships, and mountains. As a Union general during the Civil War, he was among the first soldiers to use "scorched earth" tactics, and was instrumental in forcing the surrender of Confederate leadership. As a civilian, he helped created and protect Yellowstone National Park. Career U.S. army officer Philip Henry Sheridan is an American icon, and this is the story of his life, in his own words. First published in 1888, this engrossing, highly readable biography covers Sheridan's early life-his education, his appointment to West Point, and first military postings in Texas in the 1850s-as well his later years, including his tour of Europe. But the bulk of the book is made up with his detailed recollections of the many campaigns during the Civil War, which will thrill military buffs with their you-are-there immediacy and insight. Readers of military nonfiction and students of American history will find this an enlightening work of autobiography.